DIH AGRIFOOD Paves the Way for a Dynamic #Dataspace

DIH AGRIFOOD Paves the Way for a Dynamic #Dataspace

Wednesday, June 21, 2023

In a dedicated and collaborative effort, DIH AGRIFOOD members, including ITC – Innovation Technology Cluster, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, University of Maribor, and KGZS – Zavod Murska Sobota, joined forces in today’s #workshop to tackle the complex challenges of setting up the DIH AGRIFOOD #dataspace.

Charting the Path Forward

The workshop’s primary focus revolved around shaping the Dataset Terms of Use, a crucial foundation for data sharing and access within the AgriFood sector in Slovenia. Members delved into discussions regarding the essential functionalities of both the user interface and backend, ensuring seamless navigation and efficient data management.

Empowering the Data Economy

Addressing the diverse stakeholders, including farmers and other key players in the data economy, was also a key point of discussion. Finding ways to make data accessibility inclusive and user-friendly is a pivotal step in fostering innovation and growth within the sector.

Welcoming New Ideas

DIH AGRIFOOD is resolute in its commitment to innovation and open to embracing fresh perspectives and solutions. The organization encourages all interested parties to share their ideas, insights, and knowledge to collectively shape the future of AgriFood data management.

The workshop marks a significant step forward, illuminating the path toward a robust, inclusive, and forward-thinking #dataspace for the AgriFood sector in Slovenia. As discussions continue, the future promises to be data-driven, efficient, and rich with possibilities.