Empowering Farmers: Workshop with farmers on Traceability System for Green Point’s Local Food Supply Chain

Empowering Farmers: Workshop with farmers on Traceability System for Green Point’s Local Food Supply Chain

Wednesday, July 5, 2023

In a significant stride towards ensuring the authenticity and transparency of locally sourced food, Slovenian living lab, which is developed under the Green Point short food supply chain has embarked on an innovative journey. The latest milestone: a hands-on workshop, where local farmers were introduced to a cutting-edge blockchain-powered traceability system.

This workshop marked a pivotal moment in the Slovenian living lab community’s commitment to tackling food fraud and safeguarding the integrity of their locally sourced produce. The event, attended by eager farmers, focused on familiarizing local producers with the state-of-the-art DIH AGRIFOOD traceability system supported by blockchain technology.

Green Point’s first two pioneering farmers eagerly enrolled in the traceability system at the beginning of the year, heralding a new era of traceability and authenticity in the community’s food supply.

This workshop aimed to empower additional farmers with the skills and knowledge necessary to enter vital information and photos related to their crop production into the traceability system. This hands-on training session was a remarkable step forward, ensuring that every detail of the food’s journey from the field to the plate is recorded and accessible to consumers.

By harnessing blockchain technology, Green Point is leading the way in providing consumers with absolute confidence in the origin of their food. This pioneering initiative also serves as a model for other regions and industries looking to enhance traceability and combat food fraud.

Green Point’s commitment to food transparency is not only commendable but also an inspiration for others. With this blockchain-powered traceability system, they are one step closer to ensuring that consumers can trust the authenticity and origin of their food. As more farmers join the system, Green Point’s short food supply chain is poised to transform the way we think about the journey of our food.