Living Lab Bruges: Come and enjoy delicious food (H)eerlijk Brugge Festival!

Living Lab Bruges: Come and enjoy delicious food (H)eerlijk Brugge Festival!

Monday, May 8, 2023

On the weekend of May 6th and 7th, 2023, the (H)eerlijk Brugge festival took place at the Koningin Astridpark location in Bruges. During this annual festival, one could literally and figuratively taste what our city has to offer in that regard. This edition focused on (wild) herbs.

This festival served as the flagship event for the Bruges Food Strategy and, in 2023, placed a particular emphasis on incorporating plant-based proteins into dietary practices. Attendees from diverse sectors were provided with the opportunity to engage with various stakeholders within the local Food System. The primary focus was on broadening consumer knowledge, sharing insights on plant-based proteins, and facilitating connections among different stakeholders, all with the objective of fortifying the network.

The Living Lab Bruges, representing the Cities 2030 project, was actively involved in this event. Their main objective was to raise awareness about Cities 2030 and the Living Lab Bruges, which involved exploring networking opportunities, educating new stakeholders, and investigating potential collaborations aligned with the goals of the Bruges Living Lab.

Numerous festival attendees had the opportunity to assess their muscular strength and gained valuable insights into plant-based proteins and their role in enhancing muscle strength and quality.