Participative cartography with citizens by CITAG

Participative cartography with citizens by CITAG

Monday, June 12, 2023

On Saturday 3rd of June 2023, CITAG had the chance to participate at the Fête des Sols Vivants at Colineo, an important urban farm in the Marseille ecosystem (the oldest?) and an important partner of CITAG. The event was organized by Colineo and France Nature Environnement, with the participation of CITAG. This Fête des Sols Vivants” was, built around workshops and conferences for young and old.

On this occasion, people were able to understand soil life, the mechanics of agricultural soils or even attend conferences on Mediterranean soils.

Soils are the big forgotten from environmental protection policy even though they are essential to agricultural production, climate regulation or the filtration of water and pollutants.

This day therefore allowed us to mobilize as many people as possible so that the soils are taken into account and protected!

CITAG conducted an experimentation around participatory cartography. Based on a map of Marseille where agricultural, green or enfriched lands are identified (made through CITAG’s work), the general public was invited to comment the map and, based on where they live, work and experience the city, help CITAG confirm or infirm its data through personal experience.

The goal is double : on the one hand, gather efficiently some orginal data, that is hard to find elsewhere, in a very qualitative manner ; on the other hand, engage citizens on the agricultural land issue and make them aware and change the way they see their surroundings in the city.

CITAG received around 10 contributions during the afternoon. We have yet to try and compare the paper support with the digital one. If the participatory cartography is made on a digital tablet, will it enhance participation and result accuracy, or on the contrary, limit it ?