Cities2030 website editor page

NEWS - Add and edit news, events, press releases

  • Posts are announcements or information for any event in the project. The post is similar to a newspaper or blog article, with the primary purpose of information and dissemination.
  • Posts are automatically displayed in the news sections of the website:
  • Each post will have a dedicated page.
  • If you have author permissions, you will only be able to edit your own posts

PARTNER - Edit your organisation profile

  • A partner is any organisation involved in Cities2030 project under the Grant Agreement of the project. 
  • Every partner already has a profile page on the Cities2030 website. 
  • But these profiles may have mistakes. So, the buttons on the left should give you the possibility to modify, repair, or update the information related to your organisation

PUBLICATION - Add or edit your publications

Open Access must be secured for all scientific data and publications funded within the project.

Open access (OA) refers to the practice of providing online access to scientific information that is free of charge to the end-user and reusable. ‘Scientific’ refers to all academic disciplines. In the context of research and innovation, ‘scientific information’ can mean:

  • peer-reviewed scientific research articles (published in scholarly journals) or
  • research data (data underlying publications, curated data and/or raw data).

‘Access’ includes not only basic elements – the right to read, download and print – but also the right to copy, distribute, search, link, crawl and mine.