Cities2030 goes to…Degrowth Conference in Zagreb, Croatia

Partners from IVM and Velika Gorica Lab will join forces and organize a panel discussion on ‘Sustainable and just transformations of city-region food systems: The case of Velika Gorica’. More specifically, the session with be joined by Violeta Crnogaj and Blanka Kovač Walaitis from the Development Agency of the City of Velika Gorica – VE-GO-RA, Mario Konić from Inventive Solutions Ltd. and Stella Archontaki from IVM, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

First ever Food Congress held in Iceland

On November 22, 2022, Iceland’s first-ever Food Congress (Matvælaþing in Icelandic) was held in Harpa Conference Hall in Reykjavík. It was hosted by the newly formed Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries and intended to bring together various stakeholders and professions working in food production, processing, and distribution as well as food-related innovation, entrepreneurship, research, […]