Single Click CRFS Platform

Single Click CRFS Platform

S2CP is a CRFS management platform for data collection, analysis and representation in multiple interfaces. This platform will be used as a data-driven tool for decision support and will include various components, which are detailed and linked below.

Cities2030 Community is an open collaboration space used by Cities2030 participants to improve their multi-stakeholder dialogue processes.

Allows the introduction of innovation activities by any Cities2030 partner, so that a catalog of information can be compiled, for filtering, searching and consulting (considering FAO pillars and MUFPP indicators).

SSRI-MAA is a social space monitoring tool. This provides key functionality to manage Social Spaces of Innovation and their stakeholders, working groups and actions. It also provides KPIs and data acquisition tools.

blockchain S2CP

Blockchain for SFSC

Employes blockchain to provide some proof of concepts of monetization processes, in a reliable and transparent way, in Short Food Supply Chains (SFSC). Thus, ensuring transparency, traceability and trust of the local food production.

Sentiment analysis of Twitter

Sentiment analysis for Twitter

Helps the involved labs to understand if citizens support or not various actions and active programs in place. To achieve it, the component will perform sentiment analysis of the data from social networks, in particular Twitter. The results can be useful for evaluation and action planning.

geospatial representation

Geospatial CRFS web services

Allows cities’ CRFS information can be published in OGC standardized services and cartography. This will allow the generation of maps with different visualizations (heat maps, clusters, filtering by categories) to obtain a spatial vision of the distribution and relevance of locations or points of interest.