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Velika Gorica LAB Cities2030 Horizon2020
25 November 2022
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The start of November for Croatian partners in the CITIES2030 project was reserved for the conference “I know what I eat - The perspective of domestic food production”. The conference was organized by Croatian member of the European Parliament Ladislav Ilčić through two-panel discussions.
Hakatons Vidzeme 11 2022
24 November 2022
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From 25 to 26 November, the Vidzeme Planning Region is organizing the Vidzeme Food Innovation Hackathon, which will last for 24 hours. It will take place in Valmiera, Latvia.
21 November 2022
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Food for Iași Living Lab also has an essential research component. The results of research undertaken in Iași county and published as the first scientific paper written in the Cities2030 project by Food for Iasi Living Lab were presented within the Symposium of Agricultural Economics and Rural Anthropology.
Bertta old new
21 November 2022
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Lahti Living Lab tests and assesses pioneering IoT-equipped food waste composter in a multi-actor environment. The Wifi-connection and sensor package enables localization and remote monitoring of bio composter. The question is how (1) municipality waste management authorities and operators and (2) real estate maintenance actors could exploit the solution.
abstract background with low poly design
21 November 2022
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Systems Thinking methodology, employed for interacting with stakeholders and developed within the Cities2030 project, was presented at the Symposium of Agricultural Economics and Rural Anthropology, organized in Iași city (Romania), on the 18th of November, 2022. 
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18 November 2022
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In November 2022, Iași City Hall organises information and education activities for children about healthy food, namely the benefits of honey on the human body. This enterprise aims to raise children’s awareness about making the right choices when it comes to healthy food. This activity is run within the innovative hub Food for Iasi Living Iași, as activity in the CITIES2030 project.
Visit Agrotopia on November 29
16 November 2022
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On November 29, the Flemish Government is organizing the Flemish Food Summit. During this event, Flemish Minister of Agriculture and Food Jo Brouns will present the new Flemish food strategy. On this occasion, Agrotopia will open its doors on the 29th of November between 11 am and 2 pm.
POZIV Anketa stanja prehrambenog sustava u Velikoj Gorici
14 November 2022
The Cities2030 project - Lab Velika Gorica - collects the current state and needs of local producers and consumers in order to create an action plan for improving the local food system. Inputs from citizens and producers are an important link in the further organization of project activities.
Visit to the fresh tomato plantings in Agrotopia
10 November 2022
Tuesday 08/11 in the evening, the technical advisory board for the tomato research at Inagro gathered at the rooftop greenhouse Agrotopia.
Images for Bokashi experiment 2 1
27 October 2022
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Lahti Living Lab's bokashi experiment is closed. A bokashi experiment has been implemented in the Lahti area. In bokashi, household food waste is fermented and processed into organic soil and fertilizer.
Gastro 2022 Projekt Cities2030 Food2030 Agencija VEGORA i Inventivna rjesenja d.o.o
19 October 2022
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Velika Gorica LAB was participating in GASTRO TUROPOLJA event which is the biggest food event in the area bringing producers, consumers, institutions and schools together.
Tools to support active participation in brainstorm.
18 October 2022
In a series of webinars Ine Pertry shared the knowhow and experience of Inagro vzw on stakeholder engagement methodologies.
14 October 2022
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Velika Gorica Living Lab in action on 14.10.2022.
GASTRO 2022_Velika Gorica LAB_Cities2030
13 October 2022
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This Friday Velika Gorica LAB will have a presentation on the Cities2030 Project and a lecture on connecting local producers with consumers on an example of Solidarity exchange.
Observatory snapshot
10 October 2022
Cities 2030 Observatory 1st release has just been issued to the public and is available at the dedicated link. It is an open knowledge repository that will be regularly updated throughout the duration of the project.
SETU Marquee at the ploughing 768x576 1
30 September 2022
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CITIES2030 partner South East Technological University (SETU) - Walton Institute, was present at the Irish National and World Ploughing Championships.This is Europe’s largest agricultural and outdoor event welcomed over 277,000 people across the three days.
092022 WP5 T5.2 Knowledge Exchange Sessions 1
30 September 2022
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Partners of 10 Living Labs and 2 special missions participated in the 3 parallel Wrap-Up sessions on 29.8.2022. 90 minutes of knowledge exchange within 20 + participants.
all woman
27 September 2022
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More than 12 cities and other supporting partner organizations across 4 #food2030familyprojects met on Turin for a productive knowledge sharing workshop in the “Feed the cities” dedicated area in TerraMadre.
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26 September 2022

The Lahti Living Lab's experiment at Cities2030  is "Bokashi - Food waste bio composting". Its objective is to explore bio-composting food waste from the table to the fields to enhance inhabitants' positive carbon handprint, self-sufficiency, and resilience.

The amount of food waste in Finland is staggering with a total of 360 million kilos of food being thrown away every year. Households' proportion of the wasted food is 107 - 137 million kg (33%).   In the urban setting, food waste is approximately 50 kg annually per person.

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23 September 2022
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The Bremerhaven University of Applied Sciences and the ttz Bremerhaven invite you to a varied program in the THP house of the university (Theodor-Heuss-Platz 1 in Bremerhaven) as part of the European Sustainability Week.
Terramadre locandina
16 September 2022
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Representatives of the 5 “EU FOOD2030 Project Family (Cities2030, FoodSHIFT 2030, FoodE, Food Trails and Fusilli) are going to meet in the framework of TerraMadre, the largest international event dedicated to good, clean, fair food and to food politics, a unique opportunity to reach people committed to generate impact on food systems.
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15 August 2022
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The International Horticultural Congress (IHC) gathers every four years experts and stakeholders in the fields related to horticulture. This year the scientific program was structured in 25 symposia over 5 days complemented with workshops and site visits at the city of Angers. Team Agrotopia from Inagro took part in the international conference for horticulture in Angers (IHC2022), sharing our own experiences on professional urban farming and the potential of the living lab approach in food system transformation.
Iasul in bucate
11 July 2022
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We would like to give special thanks to the consumers who attended the fair in an impressive number, at least 7,000 persons. Their trust in local producers contributed to a very cordial atmosphere of the fair overall. At the same time, special thanks go to the participant producers for their seriousness and high quality of the products as these have contributed to the fair's success.
Meeting LabVG 2022 07
7 July 2022
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Bringing together representatives of institutions and organizations from various sectors to exchange thoughts on the state and needs related to food production and supply chains in the City and the region Zagreb County.
Iasul in bucate
24 June 2022
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On the 9th and 10th of July, between 10 a.m and 9 p.m., the Fair of the Producers from the North-East Region of Romania will be held under the brand name Iași in Traditional, Organic, and Mountain Dishes. The fair is organized by Iași City Hall, Romanian Academy-Iași Branch, and Iași County Agricultural Directorate and held in the Main Alley of Parcul Expoziției ((aka Exhibition Park), in Iași City. 
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10 June 2022
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We met with local producers in Iași County to identify the problems they face in the agri-food chain. The meeting was attended mainly by producers of animal products, but also vegetable growers. In the first part, the Cities2030 project and the innovative Food for Iasi Living Lab hub were presented. During the meeting, issues were identified, especially regarding: market access, access to financing, support of local authorities.
EU Horizon2020 projekt Cities2030 VE GO RA INVENTIVNA RJESENJA
10 June 2022
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As part of the EU Horizon2020 project Cities2030, the Development Agency VE-GO-RA and INVENTIVNA RJESENJA d.o.o. participated in the first transnational meeting of 41 European partners and the Agri-Food event in Roeselare, Belgium. The partners discussed the future activities and current challenges of the project with regard to the complexity of the project activities and related goals, i.e. creating prerequisites for further development of the project.
3rd day in Roeselare
3 June 2022
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Day 3 in Roeselare for #Cities2030 partners. A jump into the future of #agrifood visiting the giant rooftop greenhouse of #Agrotopia, the largest public building in Europe for urban food production. In parallel, another group coordinated by Hogeschool VIVES partner in #cities2030 has been implementing a workshop on #foodprocessing and health to close in the best way a 3 day of full immersion in the urban food system.
2nd day in Roeselare
2 June 2022
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Day 2 in Roeselare for #Cities2030 partners. Today at the #internationalconference "Agri-food smart specialisation event: Working together towards future proof food systems" jointly organised by our partners Inagro vzw and Hogeschool VIVES
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1 June 2022
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Today, partners of the project Cities2030 meet in Roeselare, Belgium, within the first in-presence General Assembly (GA), to discuss the main achievements of the project. The GA also provides excellent conditions to discuss the next steps forward, and finetune the many activities of the project developing in parallel
30 May 2022
Today, the 30th of May 2022, within Food for Iași Living Lab, there was a working meeting organized by Iași County Directorate for Agriculture, Iași Cityhall, and the Romanian academy, Iași Branch. The primary result of the meeting was organizing the event known as Iași in Traditional, Organic, and Mountain Dishes in the Exhibition Park of Iași, during the 8 and 10th of July, 2022. 
25 May 2022
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Yesterday, on the 24th of May 2022, it was organized the workshop Policies and Strategies of Developing the Food System in Iași. The event was organized within the Food for Iași Living Lab hub by the Iași Cityhall and Romanian Academy, Iași Branch. The meeting focused on discussions with the representatives of the public institutions from Iași food system and also tried to identify some issues from the perspective of the public authority. The identified views will be on the agenda of future meetings with other actors and agents of the urban food system.
10 May 2022
For the past four years, the Cité de l'agriculture has been coordinating the 48h de l'agriculture urbaine (48 hours of urban agriculture), a weekend-long festival celebrating the return of spring, agriculture and nature in the city.
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6 April 2022
The Sara's message is a newsletter shared by the President of the Future Food Institute to the FF ecosystem to share achievements, projects, and high-level updates.
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29 March 2022
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Today and next day, the project partners meet for the second project "Virtual General Assembly" (March 29-30th, 2022), to share the project Cities2030 achievements for the first main phase e.g., from October 2020 (project launch) to March 2022, and to structure key findings for the next phase. Today and next day, the project partners meet for the second project "Virtual General Assembly" (March 29-30th, 2022), to share the project Cities2030 achievements for the first main phase e.g., from October 2020 (project launch) to March 2022, and to structure key findings for the next phase.
borgo pollica castello capano 22
27 February 2022
Article published in Italian in an Italian journal talking about the importance of creating ecosystems capable of acting for the collective good and creating new forms of decentralized governance that act towards models of inclusive prosperity.
rsz 1discussion vidzeme 2022 Zane Kake
23 February 2022
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25 February, at 10.00 (EET) the Vidzeme Planning Region and Latvian Rural Forum will hold an online seminar-discussion about Green Public Procurement of food in education, social care, and healthcare facilities, which are under the authority of local municipalities.
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21 February 2022
The article aims at sharing the approach developed in the Pollica Living and Policy Lab, with a specific focus on key areas: innovability, environment, health, agriculture, tourism, art, and culture, and social/community engagement.
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2 February 2022
The article aimes at sharing the approach developed in the Pollica Living and Policy Lab under the framework of the Cities 2030 Project, with a specific focus on the different phases designed for the community involvement.
News sito 23 dic 2021
22 December 2021
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More than a year after the project start, on December 22 the main technical project activities leaders, finally met in person at the Coordinator's premises, the Economics Department in Venice.
Synergy 17 December 2021
17 December 2021
December 17th has been a great day for urban agriculture for circular cities and municipalities. The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) hosted an E-dialogue gathering 130 participants from 40 countries, interested to learn more and exchange experience and insights in successful urban farming policies and initiatives.
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4 December 2021
Article published in English within the FF Medium account under the title "Embracing Integral Ecological Regeneration: the power of the “Vision”"
Synergy 1 October 2021
30 October 2021
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ood for all" organized by #GAINproject with the participation of Cities2030 partners EPC - European Project Consulting S.R.L. Unipersonale and ttz Bremerhaven.
good fish good food 02
16 October 2021
Cities2030 partners invite you to celebrate this date by attending the online conference “Good Fish - Good Food: Drive the transformation towards sustainable food for all”, an occasion for discussing about sustainability and innovation in and for the food sector.
Haransilma 3 Innovaatiot Tuula Loytty
10 September 2021
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The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry of Finland is preparing a Climate-friendly Food Programme. The Climate-friendly Food Program has begun collaborating with the FUSILLI and Cities2030 projects to develop urban food systems in a sustainable direction.
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5 September 2021
Cities2030 is funded by the European Union. Its main goal is to build a sustainable food system for neighboring cities and territories, able to face the challenges of the future with an inclusive button-up, trust-built approach, and able to involve all key actors of the local food system. If you're interested in these themes follow our Facebook page.
Synergy 24 June 2021
30 June 2021
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We celebrated a 'Day of the local food'' at the Green Point - short food supply chain and presented the new #blockchain based #traceability system provided by DIH AGRIFOOD private blockchain network.
prague czech republic 09 10 2020 popular botanica coffee truck cafe prague city czech republic
9 November 2020
The project Cities 2030 is officially included in the FF website, as a confirmation of the importance of the FF Initiatives cities of the future, that have been identified in 2019 as key topics of action of the FF ecosystem.
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1 October 2020
Blog published in the FFI website aimed at sharing the final goals behind the Cities 2030 project and its specific objectives.