CRFS Lab description

Topics included in the lab:

  • Farm to fork aspects
  • Personalization of diets
  • (Care)-network aspects of the 65+ individual
  • Food technologies
  • Sustainable delivery system
  • Smart food related technologies at home



Belgian historic city at the North Sea with 118K inhabitants A blend of industry, tourism and care facilities & institutions Culinary hotspot with 10 Michelin stars and 2 famous cook schools With the ambition to become a SDG Pioneer (UN initiative) Connected to the rural context

City of Bruges, Belgium
Region: Flanders – Province of West Flanders, City of Bruges is the capital
Surface area: 138 km²
Population (2021): 119.019
Population density (2021): 862 people per km²
Climate: moderate sea climate
UNESCO protected city centre
Challenges: sustainable urban development, climate adaptation/resilience and tourism
Local economy: Port of Zeebrugge, mechatronics, ‘Handmade in Bruges’, healthcare, IT
Field of excellence: The port of Zeebrugge is one of the main car handling ports in the world
Knowledge institutions: Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, VIVES University of applied sciences, HOWEST University of applied sciences