The region of Troodos enjoys a unique traditional culture and lifestyle with distinct characteristics (climate, less polluted environment, local food, agriculture and processed agricultural products). People in the area live longer and lead healthier lives than people living in other parts of the island, but very much like other rural and mountainous areas, in Troodos, there was a 50% reduction in population. The Government has started some actions to promote sustainable development in the Troodos region, in an effort to revert the migration of the population in the region. Objective: To explore the unique diet and lifestyle of the Troodos region and export good practices to the urban areas and support the sustainable development and boost the economic environment and livelihood of the Troodos region.

There are two complementary goals for the project (a) the sustainable development of the Troodos Region and (b) carry out meaningful research in the areas of economic sustainable development and wellbeing (healthy lifestyle and eating habits).

Food is very critical for the region as a producer and a consumer. The region grows and exports fruit, vegetables, wine and olive oil and dairy and processed meat products all over Cyprus and internationally. Some of these products are exclusive to the region and carry out the protected Designation of Origin (PDO) label. In general processed meats aren’t considered very healthy but in the case of these traditional products because they use natural additives they are not considered as harmful. Producing and exporting these products is very crucial to the survival of the region.

The other as important issue is that the people who live in the region live longer and have less health issues. This can be attributed among other factors to the diet of the people, the less polluted environment and the reduced levels of stress. We would like to study these factors and add to the body of knowledge of what are the factors of this apparent healthier lifestyle.