Second edition of the Cortege of Transitions in Marseille

In 2022, the Cortege stopped at the Blancarde forecourt, Air Bel, Parc Foresta, Gare Saint Charles, Place Caffo, Capelette and ended at the Cité de l’agriculture with a conference in partnership with Perrine Hervé-Gruyer and the Sans Transition media. Some fifty associations involved in ecological, social and food transitions were involved in this project, the […]

Coming soon to the CITAG farm: a bioclimatic greenhouse

Bones from a whale washed up in town? Relics of the agricultural past of the Capri farm land? Nay! This is the greenhouse of the Cité de l’agriculture, recovered in 2018, from the – bygone – era when the Cité grew vegetables hydroponically in Tarascon. While production in heated greenhouses leads to costly energy consumption […]

Participative cartography with citizens by CITAG

On Saturday 3rd of June 2023, CITAG had the chance to participate at the Fête des Sols Vivants at Colineo, an important urban farm in the Marseille ecosystem (the oldest?) and an important partner of CITAG. The event was organized by Colineo and France Nature Environnement, with the participation of CITAG. This Fête des Sols […]

48H of urban agriculture 2023 : the major public event around CRFS in Marseille

Once again this year, the people of Marseille were able to discover another edition of the 48h de l’agriculture urbaine (48 hours of urban agriculture). On the program: discovery of shared gardens, parks and urban farms that embody the values of agriculture in the city, at workshops and conferences that over 1,500 of you discovered […]

CITAG participated at JIPAD 2023 in Montpellier

Every year, students of the Innovations & Policies for Sustainable Food (IPAD) master’s degree – hosted by the Agro Montpellier Institute and CIRAD – organize a Day to present their work. As part of their training, students meet innovative projects and stakeholders in their ecosystem in order to investigate the questions, issues and related policies. […]

A look back at the first meeting between the Marseilles network of urban farmers and the network of third places of the South

Last year, in the course of events and meetings, the Cité de l’agriculture and its network of urban farmers crossed paths with Réseau Sud Tiers-lieux. The two networks quickly identified common agricultural and food issues. Third-places like urban farms are hybrid places that combine production, food, research-action and awareness-raising, while seeking to foster social ties […]

Art & food systems : cycle of events co-organised by CITAG

“We’re hungry!” Many a revolution has begun with this cry. Being hungry responds both to a vital need of those our societies leave behind and to the urgency of existing within our intimacies and our communities. Through our singing, our movements, our vulnerable bodies, our silent revolts, we make our rumbling bellies resound. In a […]

From October 5 to 7, the Cité de l’agriculture participated in SEEING LIKE A CITY

From October 5 to 7, the Cité de l’agriculture participated in SEEING LIKE A CITY // SEEING THE CITY THROUGH, organized by the European Sociological Association (ESA), at Humboldt University in Berlin. This year, the issue in the spotlight during the conference was the best articulation between two phenomena in the making of the city: […]