Living Lab Bruges: The power of community to create health

Community centres are designated as inclusive meeting spaces within neighbourhoods, where individuals of all backgrounds are welcomed. These centres celebrate the diverse makeup of their respective neighbourhoods and encourage residents to contribute their skills to both the centre’s operations and the broader community, thus fostering a culture of volunteerism. In the Bruges area, there are […]

Living lab Bruges: Eating plant-based in your golden years is investing in health

There are several times scientific demonstrated that the older population needs more proteins in their diet. This under others to preserve their muscle mass and quality to pre-emptively respond to malnutrition and sarcopenia. In an innovative pilot study of the Living Lab Bruges, specific components of the hot meal, produced by project partner Ruddersstove, were […]

Living Lab Bruges: Come and enjoy delicious food (H)eerlijk Brugge Festival!

On the weekend of May 6th and 7th, 2023, the (H)eerlijk Brugge festival took place at the Koningin Astridpark location in Bruges. During this annual festival, one could literally and figuratively taste what our city has to offer in that regard. This edition focused on (wild) herbs. This festival served as the flagship event for […]