Second edition of the Cortege of Transitions in Marseille

Second edition of the Cortege of Transitions in Marseille

Wednesday, October 18, 2023

In 2022, the Cortege stopped at the Blancarde forecourt, Air Bel, Parc Foresta, Gare Saint Charles, Place Caffo, Capelette and ended at the Cité de l’agriculture with a conference in partnership with Perrine Hervé-Gruyer and the Sans Transition media. Some fifty associations involved in ecological, social and food transitions were involved in this project, the objectives of which are to:

– traise public awareness of ecological, social and food transitions, by enhancing the value of neighborhoods.

– encourage the development of the partnerships necessary for ecological, food and social transitions in cities.

For the return of the Cortege in 2023, a dozen associations have set up at the Cité SNCF in Saint Barthélémy for a first day in collaboration with Terre d’Entraide et de Partage, on Saturday September 16. The 2nd date will take place at the del Rio social center in the Viste district, on October 10, and the last on November 18 at Frais Vallon, in partnership with the Association Conscience.

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