First ever Food Congress held in Iceland

On November 22, 2022, Iceland’s first-ever Food Congress (Matvælaþing in Icelandic) was held in Harpa Conference Hall in Reykjavík. It was hosted by the newly formed Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries and intended to bring together various stakeholders and professions working in food production, processing, and distribution as well as food-related innovation, entrepreneurship, research, […]

Paideia Campus Living Lab: empowering women in agriculture for prosperity building

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Ci.r.c.e.: Cilento Resilient Conscious Empowerment – On the 8th of December, the Paideia Campus Living Lab welcomed a precious moment of conviviality to share stories of agricultural regeneration and innovation starting from the voices of the local female protagonists of the Mediterranean Community. With us during the snack moment in mid-afternoon, there were the Cilento’s […]

Lahti Living Lab’s testbed for IoT-equipped food waste composter

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Lahti Living Lab tests and assesses pioneering IoT-equipped food waste composter in a multi-actor environment.

The Wifi-connection and sensor package enables localization and remote monitoring of bio composter.

The question is how (1) municipality waste management authorities and operators and (2) real estate maintenance actors could exploit the solution.