Workshop app Blockchain 2023

Workshop app Blockchain 2023

Tuesday, May 9, 2023

On 30 May 2023, Quart és Europa marked a milestone by holding a fundamental workshop. This event was intended to test a mobile app designed to track and verify the traceability of food products, with a specific focus on identifying their origin. Implementation is an integral part of the European CITIES2030 project, an ambitious programme supported by the European Commission through the Horizon 2020 programme, with the active participation of 41 partner organisations from more than 10 European countries.

In close collaboration with the Polytechnic University of Madrid, from Quart és Europa we are promoting the development of this revolutionary mobile application based on “Blockchain” technology. Its functionality is extraordinary: it allows users to scan food products and reveal their origin. The underlying purpose is to promote the consumption of local and local products, thereby strengthening the local supply chain and promoting sustainability.

This joint effort seeks to transform the way we perceive and consume food, adding a new level of transparency and trust to the food industry. The workshop held on the aforementioned date not only represented an important step in this direction, but also underlines the importance of collaboration and innovation on the road to a more sustainable and conscious food system.

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